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 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...please?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...please? Empty
PostSubject: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...please?   Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...please? Clock10Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:36 pm

Gretchen entered the confessional room, her mouth was covered some type of food, maybe it was the first class pb&js? Who knows. "Holy crap guys! I'm going to be way more motivated to win these challenges! You get food! I hope I don't look like a bottomless pit or anything, I don't think so- Anyways eep! I was positive we were losing that, I mean I had to run! And I'm like only good at horizontal running. The other teams should be feeling very intimidated by the Angel's team." Gretchen smiled and patted her stomach.
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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...please?
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