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 We've Got Opinions...

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PostSubject: We've Got Opinions...   We've Got Opinions... Clock10Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:35 am

Gretchen waddles into the confessional room, without the small thought of it being a place to confess your thoughts to the world. She then gingerly lowers her pants and sits down on the toilet seat. After a few seconds you can hear her peeing. This is when she finally noticed the large camera pointing directly at her. She poked it with the tip of her fingernail and said, "Hello is this thing on?"

Still confused, she finished her tinkling and then gasped pulling her pants up. "SO THIS IS THE CONFESSIONAL? O. M. G. You guys are the biggest creepers in the entire world! What are you going to do sell this online to some weird peeing website? I know the people who watch those videos... and I don't want Uncle George seeing this!"

*screen fuzzes out then comes back on a second later*

Gretchen's boobs and chest are now covering the screen. "Okay ya'll wanted a confessional? Well this is what your gonna get, I know about you guys with them type of sitting on toilet fetishes. You sickos. So what do I think about the show so far? Well besides the creepy producers idea to put camera's in front of my royal throne, and by the way this Queen is not using the plane windows just to take a leak, it's a pretty nice place. Besides being cheap and trashy which back in California you have to get used to if you don't have Daddy's wad of inheritance. Anyways, what do I think of my team? Well we got the wannabe Jacky Chan, Indiana Jones looking weird chick, a shrimpy little purple dude, another little guy who thinks he's cool with his rainbow little hair thingies, and that last girl, you can tell that pole can not go any higher up her butt already. 'Weave' got problems... Other than their quirks, I say this team is A-Okay." Gretchen finally finished her spill.

Gretchen then moved her chest away from the camera, "Alrighty then... let's go and win a million bucks!"
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We've Got Opinions...
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