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 002 - Like it or Not Kids

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002 - Like it or Not Kids Empty
PostSubject: 002 - Like it or Not Kids   002 - Like it or Not Kids Clock10Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:12 pm

Carlson folded her arms happy with herself.
"Sooooo like you all know I do NOT have a thing for Tobias, right? Like... I would totally be freaked if anyone did any of that weird shipping between us 'cause he is like... 12... no abs I think" she trailed off for a while before continuing on.
"The only reason I baby him is to make him act stronger! Reverse psychology, ever heard it? BTW I am totally smart for thinking of it using on him. I mean REALLY. Remember the guys on our team? Totally not up to competition pace with the other team's guys!" Carly facepalmed before continue a fake smile.
"Soooo as team captain I took it under my judging to make sure they improve! My girl Gretchen is even inspiring her little lover karate kid to do better- juicy dets there~! At this time tomorrow, I will have them all wrapped around my finger, just wait. We will be great~"
Carly winks at the camera and giggles before she stuffs a picture into her back pocket of Thomas. "When all else fails I will have this to fall back on."
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002 - Like it or Not Kids
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