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 002- Second Place Losers

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002- Second Place Losers Empty
PostSubject: 002- Second Place Losers   002- Second Place Losers Clock10Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:51 pm

Knox opened the bathroom door and sat down abruptly closing it. "How in God's green and blue planet does Team Royalty not win the first challenge? I thought royal people were like the best at everything. Well I can assure you that King Knox will not fail next time, it was just the mexicans that barely took him out of his throne. Ooh it would be so cool to be a King! Woah and Manda can be my queen." Knox winks at camera. "Ugh she must of lost her breath from all that running around inside my head." Knox sighed and began daydreaming.
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002- Second Place Losers
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