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 002 - Post Challenge Glee!

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PostSubject: 002 - Post Challenge Glee!   Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:40 pm

Manda was sitting in the confessional can, filing away at her nails. Since they were oh-so important, she barely looked up at the camera for the duration of her confessional. "We started out strong in this challenge, but I guess the Divas were just a bit stronger." She shrugged, still not looking up. "Who knew, right?" She held out her hand to admire her nails, then, dissatisfied, went back to filing. "But we won't underestimate them next time. We nearly won today, and we were so far ahead of the losers that I don't even feel like we need to worry about beating the Honey Badgers. They're lame."

Finally finished, she looked up towards the camera with a smirk. "See, 'not giving a shit' is a really bad strategy in a competition. You're obviously outclassed by us Royals." She blew a kiss, and the confessional ended.
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002 - Post Challenge Glee!
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