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 Challenge 1 - Mexico

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PostSubject: Challenge 1 - Mexico   Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:13 pm

3. The Diva-Licious Angels - 'Gonna Get There’

If we're gonna win this game we better start our go
'Cause if they beat us to the top, one of you gotta go~

My medal fall, what can I do now? I'm too heavy handed, without my medal my karate skills won't be in the show played

Girl we got this game in the bag
Just look, our team won't sag
Keep your heads up err not them heads boys

But no matter what we do, we also know one thing!
It is that girls are best are doing things
and looking good- of course!

Big Momma wait for me, Carly don't judge ,because if we wanna win you need to help or let down, or I can catch you and let you fall like my medal

Were going to make it up on top,
Gonna climb this big old rock
We have to work together not alone
So none of useget send home!!

You must be right
I mean look at this kid struggling and all
His karate skills are lacking. Maybe I should help

Sorry Ash, but don't let me behind,
we almost done, so don't stop to try

I sure hope i gets to see the medallion and all it's glamor,
Oops who is that girl, the one who always stammers?

We won and we get it,
We finally win,
We are the most special team


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Posts : 690
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PostSubject: Re: Challenge 1 - Mexico   Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:21 pm

1. Team Royalty - 'Victory Day'

Victory's so close, I can almost taste it,
Look at this!
Why should we even sweat?
It's only a hop, skip, and a jump away
Yes-I think it's victory day today~

Oh yes your right Victory Day is here~
Please open up your ears
If we work together we'll take first place
in this race

Don't be so sure, you're going to jinx it,
I mean this thing is miles away!
It's too hot for this, like Mexico, really?
So don't get your hopes up and wait until we win
For now, save your "hoorays"~

Don't be so cynical
I swear to god-your disdain is clinical
Your lolly-gaggin, your lagging,
Let me tell you something dear: my smile is sorely sagging

Victory, race? I'm worried about the team
Selena's a bummer and is losing steam!
Either way, I'm gonna be the winner
Our team won't end up being dinner!

Oh- my- gosh! are you even kidding?
This game just started
And there's all need to win it
Don't jinx it all, and run fast all

Fine, let's win this!
I'm not slacking at all
I just wish something would happen
Like having one of the other teams fall

Run team run
We are far behind
If we don't win this
Someone will die!

I'm running through Mexico
Wait-are we crossing the border?

Crossing the boarder?
God I hope not
I'd probably get mugged by some filthy drug hoarder

This doesn't look like the border? Wheres the guns?
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PostSubject: Re: Challenge 1 - Mexico   Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:30 pm

2. Team Honey Badgers - 'Fallin' and Rollin' '

Across the desert and over the dunes, to temple's top we go~!

I got on my gloss, I got on my shoes
I'm doin' my best to try not to lose!

We'll get there first, we're gonna show
We may not be kings but we can roll?

As long as we can stay as one
I'm sure our streak has just begun
With honor we will prevail!

I'm gonna dance as soon as we win,
But I think that my head is starting to spin!

I think I'm gonna lose both of my feet,
But at least the challenge will be complete!

Tiana, my friend, you're the ace at hand
I'm delighted by your will to move
and quite scared by it to~

How do you guys manage to run so fast??
With super quick leaps and I'm stuck here last
If I could somehow get a boost,
I'm sure we'll win and not be juiced

Miss Ruby don't you fret!
I'm here to help you, my best!

Forget this heat, it doesn't matter,
I'mma run like a honey badger
Don't stop me, I'mma fly,
But if I trip I just might cry

We can do this together, we can get through
But if we don't go faster then we're royally screwed!

We're almost to the peak!
Don't let your energy deplete
for if you do, we'll surely lose!

Stop toppling me so much, boy,
You're gonna make me fall!
And if i go back down,
It'll be you who will have to haul.....ME

We're moving too slow and I think we've lost,
I'm sorry you guys but this really sucks---
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PostSubject: Re: Challenge 1 - Mexico   

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Challenge 1 - Mexico
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