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 Character HTML Codes

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PostSubject: Character HTML Codes   Character HTML Codes Clock10Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:32 pm

When posting on the forums, we usually use codes to color our replies. This not only reflects the personality of the character, but also makes differentiating between characters easier, and makes replies easier to read.

The code for coloring your posts: [ color=#??????] TEXT [ /color]

The codes are as follows:
Daphne: #FE4AEA
Interns #FFFFFF

Ai: #FF9933
Anne: #CC3366
Ashleigh: #C89F57
Carly: #EBBB41
Dante: #ED1C1C
Gretchen: #69EC82
Jack: #99CCCC
Juliet: #FF6666
Knox: #006725
Manda: #3366FF
Ruby: #33CCFF
Selena: #FF99FF
Thomas: #8CE41C
Tiana: #F2D600
Tobias: #9933CC
Wally: #CC0033
Will: #339966
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Character HTML Codes
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