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 Day 1 - Swimming Like a Dolphin

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Day 1 - Swimming Like a Dolphin Empty
PostSubject: Day 1 - Swimming Like a Dolphin   Day 1 - Swimming Like a Dolphin Clock10Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:26 pm

Static appeared revealing Tiana putting on lip gloss without realization she was on camera. She stopped wide-eyed and quickly put her lip gloss back into her leather purse.

"Oh! Okay, so I'm sposed' to like talk in here or somethin'? Well, so far I'm likin' er'body. They coo', they coo'. I'm hoping I'll be seein' some tropical island mess up in here. That is what I like! I got my swim suit all up in this plane and I'mma swim like a dolphin. A dolphin with lip gloss...mmhmm. Ooh I'm already excited now! But, I gotta keep my eyes open though, there are some sneaky people up in here....and they might steal my spot on the plane...Ahh! Nadiyah is gonna be so jealous of me! Ha! Ooh I love her! She is my girl. Mmh. Yes."

Tiana then pauses. She then looks around and leaves.
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Day 1 - Swimming Like a Dolphin
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