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 001- Party Just Started

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001- Party Just Started Empty
PostSubject: 001- Party Just Started   001- Party Just Started Clock10Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:30 pm

Knox opened the confessional door and sat down on the toilet seat, "Boy am I glad that they told me this was a confessional room or you guys would of seen my bottom!" Knox laughs at his own 'joke'.

Knox stares at the camera awkwardly, "Well this place is pretty nice, all of the other kids here are great! They look friendly and trustworthy. My team is loaded with hot mamas! Have you seen Manda and Anne yet? They are some fine hunnies. I can't wait to bring them up to first class, and have a Knox session." Knox says and winks at the camera.

"Selena is alright, that blue hair is wicked! Dante looks like a cool bro, hopefully him and Jack don't go after Anne or Manda till I have my shot at em'. But Jack's baseball bat... I think I'll have to watch out for my kiwis around him. Enough small talk, lets get this party STARTED!" Knox cheers.
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001- Party Just Started
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