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 001- All Abord The Deathtrap

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001- All Abord The Deathtrap Empty
PostSubject: 001- All Abord The Deathtrap   001- All Abord The Deathtrap Clock10Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:30 am

Ashleigh slowly opened the door popping her head in to make sure it was empty, calmly making her way to the toilet she sits down, looks down at her trembling hands before letting out a small shaky breath before looking at the camera."Ok, were on a plane, Ive never been on a plane before i was told it was the safest way to travel. I hope the outside is in better condition then the inside, I thought Dublin city was a mess, this place is in bits! sure it will be worth it for the Million Dollars right....Right? From what I saw of the other contestants they would do anything for that cash and i have a right mind to stay out of there way to get it i don't want to make any enemy here because that could led to me getting kicked of early, witch i don't want, im going try but im going to try my way,But I am hoping to make one our two friends here but it's going to be hard because of my condition..but hey i made two friends at home im sure i can do it here. My Anxiety's not that bad. Suddenly a big bang was heard from outside the plane. Ashleigh jumped to her feet  quickly turns to the window only to see that the left wing has broken in half. She slowly backs up from the window eyes wide staring into space, as she sits back on the toilet seat pulls her legs up to her chest wrapping her arms around them  while starting to rock back and forth still staring into space whispering "Im going to die here.." repeatedly before the camera cuts off.
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001- All Abord The Deathtrap
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