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 001 - Hey this is Will speaking

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001 - Hey this is Will speaking Empty
PostSubject: 001 - Hey this is Will speaking   001 - Hey this is Will speaking Clock10Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:20 pm

(Staring at the jet, as he goes in, he gives a fast glance and then goes in the "confessional"

"Well, if people call this place a confessional I'm kind of dissapointed, but hey everything must be different otherwise its boringggg and surviving this jet its already a challenge" Will smiles with irony but then he smells the bathroom and suddenly regreats doing and changes his gesture to make a sick face. Might be a matter of time to get used to this, he thinks. "Ok I'll try to be quick, tbh I want to win this game and dont be the first one out, I'll try my best to get to know my team, afterall thats what help me out to scape from the militar school for problematic teenagers crap, but yeah anyway this is an exciting experience and I hope wont be as bad as this bathroom but yeah I dont mind cause you know what they say..." Will takes his red marker from his left pocket and writes on the wall "No pain no gain"
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001 - Hey this is Will speaking
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