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 001 - First Impressions... or lack thereof

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001 - First Impressions... or lack thereof Empty
PostSubject: 001 - First Impressions... or lack thereof   001 - First Impressions... or lack thereof Clock10Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:38 pm

Julie leaned forward in the confessional, towards the camera, tilting her head thoughtfully. Finally, she sighed.
“Figures we’d get stuck on something crappy like this plane,” she muttered under her breath.“At least the camera works. So… I’m here. Fantastic,” she rolled her eyes to emphasise the sarcasm. “My first thought in this competition is,” she stretched her arms, then let out a breath, “that there’s close to no competition.”

“I mean, as far as I got, few of them look like real threats. They look as harmful as my classmates back at home, and since I have no problem putting them in their place, I don’t see why I’d have any kind of problem there. ‘Course, there’s money involved, so I shouldn’t really rest on my laurels, and I should probably keep an eye on the old contestants, since they might be already forming alliances and have experience with this contest.”

She paused, her face a mixture between smug amusement and repulsion. “But, seriously. There’s a guy out there wearing zebra pants.” She shrugged. “I might not be a fashion queen, but I’m pretty sure those should be illegal.”

The screen cut to static.
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001 - First Impressions... or lack thereof
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