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 001 - Back in the death-trap

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PostSubject: 001 - Back in the death-trap   Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:09 am

Ruby stepped into the confessional, noticing instantly the mess around her.

"Egh, yeah ALRIGHT. So! After the cat getting me booted last season, i somehow got roped into coming back to this death-trap! At least some of the more tolerable people from last season are here to occupy my peripheral vision.. I'm pretty sure I saw some doip wearing pyjamas on the way here. How publicly embarrassing can you get?!"

Ready to continue, she sat down on the toilet. Or at least, would have if the aforementioned karate kid hadn't left the seat up. Before she knew it, Ruby was heads down and legs flailing in the air in the clogged, digusting confessional toilet. Yuck!

After a few moments of flailing, Stopsign, Ruby's not so endearingly large cat pounced down onto her from the ceiling and seemingly nowhere.

Ruby splashed relentlessly in her debacle of a first confessional.


The camera went static.
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001 - Back in the death-trap
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