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 001 - First Impressions

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001 - First Impressions Empty
PostSubject: 001 - First Impressions   001 - First Impressions Clock10Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:37 am

(Manda's first confession, as she gets her first look at the inside of the jet)

Manda sat in the confessional bathroom, her head in her hands and her shoulders slumped. In fact, everything about her was slumping. Her expression even had a certain 'slump' to it. It was startlingly depressing to see her like this. Rather lazily, she looked toward the camera and finally spoke. "So, uh, this sucks? Do these people NOT realize that these conditions will affect my singing voice? I'm on this show to show off my skills and get a few acting jobs. I don't need the money. Jesus, Daphne, you've pampered us in every other season! Why are you slacking now?!"

After a moment more of moping, she finally straightened up and smirked. "... Although~ The guys are a lot cuter this season~ And that Juliet girl-UNF-she is gorgeous. I definitely need a piece o' that." She crossed her legs and leaned back, her expression turning from slumpy to thoughtful. "Let me see... Dante's not bad... Wally's looking awful this season, so no to him... Knox is all muscular and gorgeous, but kinda seems to dumb for me... Jack's too short... Alan's a maybe..." She shrugged. "I guess that's everyone. Still more than last season. Maybe I won't even mind the living arrangements. Could be kinda... interesting~"

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001 - First Impressions
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