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 Forum Roleplay Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Roleplay Guidelines   Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:23 pm

Guidelines for posting in forum rp threads.

1. Keep the plot going. If you don't like/think your character can fit in the story, kindly refrain from posting in the RP thread. Last thing we want is a really good roleplay going, and then a character coming in screaming "COOKIES!" getting everyone off topic.
2. "Private" RPs. Please indicate if the roleplay in your thread is only for a certain number of characters and who they are. Not all roleplays are group based. Some are for development between 2 characters for example.
3. Do not double post. Please say everything in one post at a time.
4. If a character is talking to another, please kindly give the person time to respond. Do not abandon the RP waiting for someone's reply, but please give others a chance to post as well.
5. Write in paragraph/story format using " " for speech, and describe the character's movement/interactions reasonably. No star actions: *he walked over there*. But you do not need to write a story.
6. Not everyone's 1st language is english. Please keep this in mind c:
7. Roleplay plots are important. Keep them open with room to play out. Do not create an excessive amount of threads.
8. If you must speak out of character in your post, use (ooc: ). But please try to refrain from doing so often.

9. Choose a colour for your character. A list of colours will be posted below. FOR INSTANCE: if someone has a dark navy blue, you may use a medium or light blue. There will be enough. Please don't get mad if someone picks your favorite colour. Pick something that represents your character. Not you.

Make sense? Good! Happy
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Posts : 517
Join date : 2010-07-16
Age : 27
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Character Colours   Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:43 pm

The colours that have been chosen for characters are as follows. Please keep this code nearby!

To use a colour in your forum post:

1. Pick a colour from the font colour button in the toolbar.
2. Your text will now be surrounded with [colour=red] [/colour]
3. Change the "red" to the colour code your character is assigned below. DO NOT forget the # or it will not work!

Character Colour Codes:

*Daphne: #CC33CC
*Interns #545454

-Anne: #40B179
-Mocha: #6699FF
-Layla: #669900
-May: #6666CC
-Caleb: #006600
-Adrian: #0033FF
-Lauren: #6600CC
-Manda: #000066
-Lychee: #006699
-Ruby: #CC3300
-Jamal: #330000
-Ashley: #3399FF
-Zack: #CC6600
-Wally: #990033
-Robby: #663300

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Forum Roleplay Guidelines
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