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 Emoticon credits and link backs

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Emoticon credits and link backs Empty
PostSubject: Emoticon credits and link backs   Emoticon credits and link backs Clock10Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:23 pm

Just in case anyone wanted to use the emotes for their messenger or whatever, these are all the ones on the forum. I made sure that they were all for free use and if not, feel free to message and I'll take em down. c:

Some of these are emote packs, so only a couple from the pack will be posted but the others are in the pack:

*GaspethLoveHappy -
*Ya Rlyherro +pack -
*Lelelelehappyplzraeg -
*La -
*=D=UD=< -
*Cookie Chase -
*Trolllololololol -? (unknown creator)
*LetiluveeHappeeUpset -
*Ur nutz -
*Run, flatass! -
*OTL -

As I add more more will be added c:
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Emoticon credits and link backs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Emoticon credits and link backs   Emoticon credits and link backs Clock10Sat May 10, 2014 12:53 pm

The Family
 Leti Melvin Teh Kitteah Book > People Coffee in mah blood Cammerz ohh yushhh Squirrel Boy 

 I DESIRE YOU SMASHING, Poppet! Don\'t kill me plz ^ Spongebawb Y U No? Bitch Please MexTroll Raegface ForeverAlone Datass Me Gusta Mucho FFF Me Gusta Emoticon credits and link backs 2198162328 

Colorful Random Nerdy La =( =) =D =P =U =| D= Very Happy=&lt;: noes O_O Gasp Anger Birdy Excited faint Fear Lick Happy herro Ya Rly ughh Love paranoid rock Gaspeth Flirty Freak Out Cookie Chase OMGOMG Sweat Luv Excited Ugh daww Gasp Upset Reading Paranoid ml luvee Happee scared Shock OTL OOOHBUTTONZ Glomp <3 :&lt;3: Faaaabuloussss Winkeh WAAAWAAAAAWAAAAHHH :&lt;3&lt;3: 

 MWHAHAHABETCH ~CHIP SKYLARK~ sunny affraid Trolllololololol stare Not impressed cyclops Iloveittt Lelelele Horrified Hee What a Face Neutral happyplz Gwah raeg icame Wink Rolling Eyes Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Embarassed Razz Cool Shocked Surprised Sad Smile Very Happy 
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Emoticon credits and link backs
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